Finals Weekend

Hi All,

Sorry about how late this has gone up. This weekend we have the finals at Dark Sphere, London.


Starts at 12:00 (noon) on Saturday 22nd October. This will be a Swiss only tournament. Entry £10. The top 4 will qualify for a place in Sunday’s Final.


Starts at 11.15 (sharp) on Sunday 23rd October. Entry is by invitation only (and no fee will be charged). There will be 5 rounds of Swiss and a top 4 double elimination to determine the winner of BABW Season 2.


Winner – £600 Bursary towards travelling to the World Championship at FFG in Minnesota

Top 4 – BABW will buy your Red Sand cycle cards from your FLGS

King of Swiss – A playset of NAPD Contracts from Worlds 2015. Kindly donated by Zach Eaton-Rosen. If you want to contribute to our charity collection for GiveDirectly please go here.

Participation – Laurie is bringing swag home from Worlds. Keep in touch and I’ll get it to you when it arrives.

Any questions get in touch with Daniel Jones on Facebook or email