Finals Weekend

Thirteen qualifier events have taken place.

One remains.


We know 26 of the 32 competitors for the first BABW Grand Final.


Finalists will be competing for:

1st – £600 Bursary towards travel to the Android Netrunner World Championships.

2nd – Data and Destiny and a subscription to the Mumbad Cycle.

3rd and 4th – Subscription to the Mumbad Cycle.


All finalists will receive an ANRPC exclusive Wooden Jinteki: Replicating Perfection ID.

The top 4 competitors will receive a BABW Series Playmat.


Tickets are available from Dark Sphere for the LCQ.

Finals Weekend – 19th and 20th September 2015.

Play mats are printed by Patriot Games, Sheffield – custom play mats can be ordered from Patriot Games Webstore.


On Proxies

A few packs contain key cards, and are impossible to find at RRP in the UK. To ensure that all players are playing on the even playing field afforded by the LCG distribution model, we have decided that proxies will be allowed for cards from the following three packs:
Opening Moves
Future Proof
Creation and Control

You must ensure that these cards are indistinguishable from all other cards in your deck; I.e. They must be the same size, texture and shape as a regular card, and you must inform the TO beforehand if you are using these proxies.

If you are using proxies, please inform your opponent that you are doing so before each game.